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"Sofia has diligently, precisely and respectfully edited my book manuscript 'Walking in the Light'. Cooperation and communication with her was impeccable and swift. I thank her for all her good care."

Johanna van Fessem, UK

“Sofia copy-edited the translated text of our book about Icelandic horses. She worked together with two translators and we were very happy with her work! The translation was very good and, also important because of a deadline for publishing, it was done very quickly. We were very pleased with the way we could cooperate with Sofia.”

Vanda Oosterhuis and
Lex van Keulen,

the Netherlands

"Sofia went through our website with a fine-toothed comb and polished the text until it shone and sparkled! She had useful suggestions to improve the contents and picked up on some sneaky little details. She ensured that it all looked professional and helped us with the general layout and other user experiences. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Rebecca Harford,
Adapted Yoga and Pilates Ltd., New Zealand