I offer two levels of service:

standard proofreading service ensures your document is free from mechanical errors. Your document will be checked for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, typographical errors (typos), and basic formatting (font consistency, page numbers, paragraph spacing, etc.).
A proofreading service does not alter the contents of the document in any way. It is the final check before submission or publication.

A copy-editing service ensures the writing is clear, correct, concise, consistent and comprehensible. It includes all of the above, but in addition will make suggestions regarding word choice, sentence structure and style (phrasing), and clarity of expression, so that the text will ‘flow’ well and appeal to the target audience. This is often a good choice of service for non-native speakers of English.

These services do not include any substantive, in-depth editing, such as writing, re-writing or rearranging any part of the document, research to confirm the accuracy of content or seeking permission to use copyrighted material. These remain the responsibility of the client.


How does it work?

  1. Email me your document, preferably in Microsoft Word.

  2. I mark it up using Track Changes; you can see the changes I have made and accept or reject each change as you wish. If you are unfamiliar with Track Changes, I can provide you with easy-to-follow instructions.

  3. You receive two versions of your document: an edited version with changes visible in Track Changes, and a final version, for ease of reading. Click below for examples of this.

I can also edit documents in Google docs (very similar to MS Word’s Track Changes) or PDF files (using Adobe Acrobat’s ‘Comment & Markup’ features). For websites, I can make changes directly into your website editor, or, if you prefer, web

pages can be converted into Word or PDF documents.


Click here for an example of a proofreading service

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Checking Text on a Document

Click here for an example of a copy-editing service