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SolidProof is a professional editing and proofreading service based in New Zealand. I take on projects from all over the world. I am committed to providing you with the best possible service to ensure your absolute satisfaction.



The answer is simple: anyone who produces written content that is going to be read by other people will benefit from having their work checked by a proofreader.

It is very easy to overlook mistakes in something that you have written yourself. Your mind already knows what you want to say, so that is what you will read. 

Just like you would hire a graphic designer to make your publications look professional, a proofreader or copy-editor can do the same with your written content. Poor writing or signage reflects negatively on you and your business and may lose you clients. A book manuscript full of messy punctuation will look unprofessional and ‘unfinished’. English may not be your first language, or maybe you just need a hand to express yourself clearly to your target audience.

Let me help you. I am a trained proofreader and copy-editor and can offer a fresh pair of eyes to look over your written material to polish and perfect your work for you.

I offer professional proofreading and copy-editing for all your projects, whether large or small. These include:
•    Blog posts
•    Website content
•    Newsletters
•    Articles
•    Reports
•    Brochures/flyers
•    Book manuscripts (fiction/non-fiction)
•    Student assignments
•    Educational resources
•    and more…

I have a particular interest in perfecting copy and content for (small) businesses and book authors, and I welcome work from clients whose first language is not English. Click on the links for more info.

Contact me to discuss your requirements! 

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Please get in touch to ask a question, discuss your project, or get a free quote. I will reply to you within two business days.

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